Concentration Is The Master Muscle of Your Brain

Of all our mental abilities Focused Concentration is probably the most influential one as it stands heads and shoulders above the rest for one very important reason. Concentration is the executive function of the brain and mind. It is the Master Ability that controls all the other mental abilities. Improving your Focus and Concentration has by far the greatest impact on your mental performance, and your Brainpower.

Brainpower is the collective performance of your cognitive abilities such as memory, reason, concentration, imagination, creativity and intuition. When you improve one ability all the other abilities are affected to a lesser or greater degree.

A brain with a weak executive function is like a company with an inefficient CEO. Not good for business, not good for life. A weak executive function leaves your attention dispersed and scattered. A strong executive function, gives you control over your attention and your mind.

The weaker it is, the more you are the effect of life’s circumstances, the stronger it is the more you control life’s circumstances. Improving it makes you pro-active instead of re-active. It’s the difference of being in control and on top of life, or being controlled and on the bottom of life. Of being the master of your mind and future, or being a slave to your past.

While scattered and dispersed attention may be warm and cuddly, concentrated attention is sharp and powerful. A good analogy is when you use a magnifying glass to concentrate sunlight.

Dispersed, sunlight is warm and comforting, but when concentrated and collected it becomes very powerful. In the end it is not just about getting the most out of your mind, but about getting the most out of your life.

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