Dear friend,

This isn’t a letter for people who make straight As, work in quiet offices, and have an “organized” “simple” life..

It’s for people who struggle to concentrate. Struggle to get things done… because of distractions, worries, problems, and “free radicals” that keep your brain from focusing on ONE THING AT A TIME.

In other words… this is for people who know what it’s like to feel guilty… and even defeated… because they aren’t living up to their full potential at home or at work. All because… of one simple fact.

Sometimes… it’s really hard to concentrate!

This letter is for you… if you’re looking for a real person to help you quickly and easily develop “mind mastery” to control your thoughts, focus your attention and concentrate for long periods of time regardless of where you are — even if you’re in a quiet library or front row at loud rock concert.

I’m going to show you simple, yet powerful techniques — that work better than music, meditation, NLP, drugs, vitamins and “nature machines — to make distractions disappear from your mind.

These techniques literally transform the way your brain responds to external stimuli, so you can have long-term, permanent control over your mind and HARDWIRE a higher percentage of focus, memory and concentration into your brain forever.

But don’t worry. You won’t get these results overnight.

If you’re willing to invest a few minutes each day and practice for at least 7 to 14 days – I GUARANTEE I can help you develop memory and concentration superpowers that will literally unleash a whole new world for you.

You’ll be able to study for complicated, college-level exams in less time. Memorize dozens of names at a single glance. Get more work done, with less effort. Remember (and recall) items without writing them down — dates, tasks, birthdays, critical information.

You’ll be able to work in stressful, high-pressure situations as if NOTHING bothered you. Memorize speeches in a fraction of the time. Most importantly… you’ll increase your value as an individual.

So no matter where you work, what you do, or how old you are — you’ll have a level of POWER that most people will NEVER have.

I’m telling you this because I’ve been helping thousands of people achieve groundbreaking results for the past few years. People who thought they had ADD are now able to concentrate for HOURS in the most difficult situations.

Just listen to this testimonial below…

I have been able to maintain focus for about 40-45 minutes and could probably have gone longer… [and] So far this thought stopping technique has proven to be a most enlightening and powerful experience. Thank you.
– J. Burton., via e-mail

I finally achieved control of my thoughts and attention, and reached a state of deep mental and physical inner calm and stillness for the first time in my life!

In the past, my mind was completely restless. I couldn’t concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time before I got distracted. I couldn’t think clearly. I felt “slow” because for the majority of my life, I’ve struggled to keep up with everybody else.

For more than 20 years, I struggled to keep up.

Thankfully those days are over. Forever!

Now as one of the leading concentration experts, I help thousands of people all over the world improve their concentration and develop control over their mind.

Even though I have a degree in NLP and spent over 10 years studying psychology and brain science… It took me a long time before I figured out the secret of how to control my attention and control my mind.

During the course of those years, I tried everything to improve my condition.

The fact is… according to Doctors at the Franklin Institute — there isn’t much difference between a 25 year old brain and a 75 year old brain.

This means, regardless of how old you are – your brain should have the ability and agility to function at peak performance at all times.

But there is something (I discovered) that makes it 10x more difficult to FOCUS and CONCENTRATE in difficult situations. Once you are given this secret, you too will be able to improve your concentration, increase your memory, develop iron-clad control over your brain anywhere and anytime.

No thought would be able to distract you. No emotion could stop your performance. And nothing (and no one) could keep you from achieving your highest peak potential. THEN you could study in less time, remember more with less effort and achieve breakthrough results in record breaking time!

But, before I share my secret, I’d like to tell you a little about my journey and why it’s so hard for most people to achieve these results.

I tried everything. People told me… “take some herbal pills and you’ll be fine!”

Nothing could be further from the truth!

All the Ginko Biloba vitamins, herbal extracts and supplements on the market couldn’t give me the mental clarity I needed. Sure, I got a short-term mental boost — but it didn’t last more than two hours.

I wanted something permanent. So I though, maybe I should listen to baroque music. They say it helps you calm the mind. It’s great to change your “beta waves” and slow down your thoughts.

Which, is true. But when the music stopped, my mind went back to racing at 100 miles per minutes. And if you’re like most people.. The LAST thing you want to do when you’re trying to concentrate or study — is SPEND MONEY.

But I didn’t have a choice. I went through the entire laundry list. I purchased a sound machine. I tried self-hynposis. I studied NLP. That’s when things got interesting. I thought: “Maybe if I can de-clutter my mind from bad habits, I’ll be able to focus for long periods of time and eliminate the distractions permanently.”

Well… after spending thousands of dollars on that course and wasting more time… I still couldn’t suspend my thinking and eliminate distractions at will. It’s like I was trying too hard. My mind just wouldn’t stop. On and on. Still stressed. Still unable to focus.

Eventually, I tried meditation. But it’s not for me. I had a very hard time sitting still, and I didn’t like the oriental religious overtones or the philosophical indoctrination.

I just wanted to get control of my attention without learning scriptures or becoming a Yogi or a Buddhist. (Not that there’s anything wrong with either).

By now I had learned that the human brain behaves a lot like a muscle. Our brain cells, like our muscles, need exercise to stay healthy. Not only that, scientists were pinpointing specific brain areas that were associated with specific behaviors and abilities.

So I researched the latest scientific discoveries on the brain to see if I could pinpoint where mental focus and concentration was located in the brain. And according to the latest scientific research it is located in an area called the prefrontal cortex — the front of your brain just behind your forehead.

This area is your brain’s control center. They call it The Executive Function of the brain. This is the brain’s “CEO” that controls all the other parts of the brain. The main control center for your attention and mind.

I discovered exercising your executive function and attentional control center is the most natural and quickest way to improve focus and concentration.

After trying out vitamins, herbal extracts, smart drugs, mind machines, meditation, NLP and tons of other methods and techniques that only gave short-term results.

After years of hard work I picked the most powerful neurological exercises that work directly on the executive function of the brain and created a training program with all the latest and best techniques and processes.

It’s Called the Focus Power Program.

The Focus Power Program is a self paced program designed to help you you test, measure, and improve your mental focus and concentration. You’ll learn mind techniques that you won’t get anywhere else, and you’ll discover easy-to-follow methods that really work – and work fast.

It works for anyone — regardless of how old you are or how much education you have. Anybody who wants to achieve a higher level of personal and professional performance can use this program. In fact, it works perfect if you’re looking to:
Improve concentration, study for exams, remember speeches, improve mental focus, remove negative thoughts, clear your mind, improve meditation, extend concentration times, extend focus times, achieve higher levels of mental performance, achieve mental clarity, get more done in a shorter amount of time… remember more names… study in less time… recall ANYTHING you’ve studied, spend less time studying, and much much more.

Here’s what John E. had to say.
This is easily the most powerful technique I have seen. I can’t believe no one has come up with this sooner. – John E., Author – via e-mail

How The Focus Power Program Works
First, you’ll take 3 simple tests to measure your focus and concentration performance levels. This allows us to establish a baseline so you can track your progress and improvements.

Then, I’ll give you a simple, yet powerful technique to quite and calm your mind. In a matter of minutes, you’ll SILENCE your “mental chatter” and develop the ability to sharpen your focus and increase your concentration almost immediately.

Next, I’ll give you several exercises that give you the ability to ERASE distractions from your mind and STRENGTHEN your ability to control your mind. Research shows the best way to control your mind is to practice each day.

Fortunately, these techniques are easy to remember, take less than a few minutes of your time and can be used anywhere.
These aren’t complicated exercises that require a science degree. But you’ll have a sharpened, scientific focus after you complete this program. That’s because this program gives you everything you need to shift your mind into FOCUS on command — anywhere and anytime.
You get these results with our FOCUS POWER PROGRAM.

What you’ll learn when you get this program

You will be able to…

Concentrate at will and examine in depth any given topic, even in extremely distracting situations for extended periods of time and with less effort.

Stop your internal dialog and mental chatter in it’s tracks and replace it with a deep inner calm and stillness.
Keep your mind glued to tasks that need to be completed and prevent irrelevant sights and sounds from disrupting your attention.
Stop yourself from mentally tuning out and drifting away even though you are bored, tired or sleepy.

Get a lot more done in less time and effortlessly handle many projects and tasks at the same without losing control.
Easily overcome restlessness, frustration and irritation and maintain emotional balance and control even under extreme pressure.

Prevent careless mistakes by being able to pay exquisite attention to details and spot hidden problems that others overlook.
End physical and cognitive restlessness and addictive behavior and clear away the obstacles and thought patterns that sabotage mental clarity.

Solve problems faster and more effectively and finish in minutes what takes others hours to complete.

Skillfully plan in what order to do a series of tasks or activities and make better decisions and plans that are easier to achieve.
Think more clearly, reason more effectively and recall facts and figures with more clarity and detail.

What’s Included In Your Focus Power Program
“Focus Power Program” e-book — This 2012 version e book reveals the latest techniques and advanced methods to rapidly improve your focus and concentration in just a few days.

You’ll learn proven and tested strategies that are guaranteed to dramatically improve your focus… and make it easy to study for exams, focus on tasks, get in the zone, get things done in an efficient manner.

Over 100 pages of step-by-step instructions that detail simple exercises, simple steps, simple methods to concentrate for hours at a time without distraction — so you can get more done and achieve breakthrough results that have been nearly impossible previously.

Members Only Access — 1 year of exclusive access to the members area that includes additional training materials and tools to measure your progress. You’ll also have access to dozens of articles, dozens of tips that can help you achieve results even faster. This membership area is normally a $29.95 monthly fee. But when you join today – you get instant access for a full year – without paying a single penny!

FREE UPDATES – News and updates on our latest research and development efforts and discoveries and e-mail notifications of significant developments on the Web site. You get free updates to The Focus Power Program for a whole year.

EMAIL SUPPORT You get my personal e-mail support and assistance whenever you need it for a whole year.
You get discounts on various products and services related to brain building and mind development.

Most mind-development and self-improvement efforts require some kind of support.

So in addition to the above, if you ever need special assistance, support or motivation you can always visit our online community. To share your ideas, ask questions, read articles and reports and get help.


Click here to order now, and you’ll have The Focus Power Program in your hands within minutes…

With warm regards,

Gardar Gardarsson PNLP
Astromind – Cognitive Research and Development
+354 691-2225

Get Results Now!
The Focus Power Program is only $27. Which is not a high price to pay for gaining command and control of your mind at will, in any situation, quickly and easily in your own space and time.

Click here to order the Focus Power Program now!

When you order today — before midnight — you’ll also receive three free gifts that will have you controlling your mind and attention in no time flat.

FREE GIFT #1: The Thought Stopping Technique.
FREE GIFT #2: The Visual Countdown Mind Control Technique.
FREE GIFT #3: The Emotional Clearing Technique.

P.S. Concentration is defined as the ability to direct one’s thinking in whatever direction one would intend. If I asked you to re-read this page 3 more times… would you be able to do it without thinking of anything else?

Probably not. You’d hesitate, get up to get a drink, check your Facebook or text messages, glance at the TV or “get bored” very quickly. That’s NOT concentration. But that’s why I urge you to try this kit for a few days. Focus Power gives you all the techniques, exercises and materials to develop super hero concentration in record breaking time.

Remember, there’s no risk involved. If your memory, concentration and focus hasn’t improved within a few weeks – I’ll be glad to give you your money back. Click here to begin your download. Most of my students significantly improve their concentration within the first few hours. Wouldn’t that be a huge benefit for you right now?

“I’ve been rolfed, reiked, chi kunged, energized more than a Diehard battery. I’ve been in places that make the trippy sequences of 2001 seem like a church picnic. It takes a lot to knock my socks off, but you’ve done it. I’m using the Thought Stopping technique at the inception of any possible illness or adversity and it opens up SUCH SPACE. Thank you very much.”
– Mark Jackier, via e-mail

Price: $27

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